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Experience the Mystic, Discover the Unknown

a world of endless possibilities

Traveling to India can be overwhelming … where do you go, what do you do? How much time? Is it safe? All this can be very daunting for an individual or a group who doesn't want to join a “commercial, pre- planned group tour”.

We are a boutique travel company specializing in personalized trips to India. We have “curated” journeys for groups and individuals for the last 30 years, working with specific interests and expectations.

We designed tours and retreats for Dr. Deepak Chopra and his clientele all over India and Sri Lanka. Our “signature“ trips included the temples of South India , Ayurvedic retreats in the idyllic resorts of Kerala , an exploration of sacred cities and rituals along the river Ganges , the royal palaces and forts of Rajasthan , the Taj Mahal and ancient Buddhist sites in Sri Lanka.

Known  for our attention to detail, meticulous planning and customization,  we work with you to understand your interests  and create the perfect experience.


Jai Varadaraj is the founder and owner of Athma Tours. Born and brought up in India, she studied Engineering in the US and manages an automobile business in India. Currently Jai lives in Miami, Florida and travels to India frequently. Passionate about culture, history and people, Jai has travelled extensively all over the world and explored many remote areas in India. A destination expert on India, she has curated several unique tours. Jai is actively involved with the Rotary Foundation and the San Diego Museum of Art, specifically their Indian art collection.

What sets us apart

custom experiences

We encourage you to participate in planning the trip to ensure that trips are personal, intimate & flexible.

Our owner & travel expert, Jai Varadaraj, consults
one-on-one with you to understand your expectations and discuss all the possibilities that India has to offer.


We will create upto 4 different itineraries  for you to evaluate.


While you are in India, you will have 24/7 access to a member of our team for any assistance.

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featured tour

Shakthi: The Power of the Feminine
Facilitator Barbara Biziou

Sep 29th - Oct 12th 2024 (13 nights & 14 days)

Delhi - Varanasi - Trichy - Swamimalai - Tanjore - Kochi - Kumarakom

Explore the highlights of India, visit ancient cities, holy rivers, magnificent temples, architectural wonders and relax in the backwaters. Participate in sacred rituals, rejuvenate with traditional ayurvedic massages and enjoy boat-ride at sunset and sunrise. For information and other details please email us at For an overview of the tour please click on


Schedule a Consultation

curated, personalized tours

Schedule a tour consultation with Jai Varadaraj. Jai will discuss your interests, personal habits, likes/dislikes and budget. For example, are you an early morning person? Do you like long road trips? Are you a foodie? What scares you?  What do you love? She will develop upto 4 itineraries for you to consider and discuss. Fee includes itineraries and three, one-hour consultations which will be adjusted in the cost of the tour.

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  • Let us curate the perfect experience for you.

    300 US dollars

Dare to explore

India is vast and diverse and offers a myriad of experiences. The cities are vibrant, crowded and busy - a fascinating paradox of the ancient and modern. A mix of different landscapes, religions, people, culture and languages,  it takes more than a lifetime to explore and understand India. As an introduction, we invite you to browse through our sample itineraries which can be modified.  

we simplify india

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4-8 day trips



6-14 day trips

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4-8 day trips


Wellness & Ayurveda

4-8 day trips




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