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Below you will find information pertaining to Indian Visas, travel and health insurance as well as a downloadable packing list. If you have any questions or need more information please contact us at or via the contact form.

Indian Visa

Contact Information

Mallika P. Selvam

Athma Tours

1547-A, Avinashi Road

Coimbatore 641004. India

Phone: +91 97877 66741

Private Visa Agencies

We have listed a few agencies who can assist with getting the Indian visa. These people are private and not affiliated with the Indian Government. Hence the visa fees charges vary and is much higher than directly applying through the Government of India website. However, several times clients have faced difficulties uploading photos and making online payment through the Indian government website and have resorted to private agencies to obtain a visa. Please make sure that you apply for a visa atleast 30 – 45 days in advance if you want an e-visa for a longer stay. For your visa, you will need to fill out your contact details in India. Please use the below information:

Travel and Health Insurance

Packing List

India is warm and dusty during the day, with cold / cool early mornings and late evenings in Northern India. We recommend that you bring loose comfortable clothing and a light jacket and shawl. Recommended baggage is one medium suitcase (weight less than …..) + one hand bag. Inexpensive suitcases (below $50) can be purchased to accommodate shopping.

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